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What is


WHITELABEL PLATFORM is a standard gaming platform, offering both casino games and a wide variety of games. It provides many choices of game categories with more than 5,000 games around the world

Platform owners are allowed to customize the name and the design of their platform.  WHITELABEL PLATFORM consists of internal management system Whitelabel + Provider + Api + Auto system

There are 2 agent types 


White label Single Agent

Become a business owner and be able to manage the business by yourself
Our platform provides all needed services that enable you to satisfy your customers
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This type is a sole proprietorship where the platform owners are not allowed to have sub-agents. Customers will be able to apply for membership / play games / deposit-withdraw at the platform page.

White label Multi Agent 

Owning a business along with expanding the business at the same time
There is the main platform, developed by partners, to support customers 
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This type allows the platform owners to open a sub-Agent. Customers must apply for membership through the Agent web page only and play games / deposit-withdraw at the main platform page.
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• Whitelabel Platform • Developing a gambling website • Automatic deposit-withdrawal system• Connect to games API • Developing Baccarat website • Developing Slots website • Owing a game platform

The best function


The platform owners are allowed to create their own game platform. You can customize the design and the name of your platform according to your preferences. You can become the top agent by having sub-agents. Moreover, WHITELABEL PLATFORM offers so many special functions。 where the platform owner can activate them by themselves.

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Functions Income Activites

Easy to play

In addition to games and casinos, Whitelabel Platform also has Earning function where the platform owners can activate it by themselves on Back-Office

  • ชวนเพื่อนรับคอมมิชชั่น
  • ฟรีเครดิต
  • ขาประจำ

Functions Minigame

Easy to play

Mini-game function is additional features of Whitelabel Platform to with the aim of encouraging top-up balance. The platform owners can choose to activate it on Back-Office

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Why Choose XGambet Whitelabel

Our system is unique and exclusive only for each platform owner who chooses to invest in Whitelabel Platform with XGambet.
We have a professional team to support the management system and help with solving problems. This can help you run your business smoothly and succeed faster.

2 Types of Affliate system

Refer a friend to receive a commission

Let's make sustainable income, unlimited, easy.
Just invite your friends to register on the platform
If your friends play games or casinos, you will easily get passive income.

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Refer a friend to receive a bonus function

Just share out link with your friends and invite your friends to sign up to get a free bonus

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Diamond exchange system

Players can exchange diamonds for either credits
in the game or real cash

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Bonus bag system

Players can collect bonuses recieved from "earning activities".
The bonus can be redeemed for cash at the "Shop"

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Multi-level Bonus system

Players get promoted in Level Experience in every bet. Whether it is a gain or loss, players will receive the bonus immediately when the accumulated betting amount is due.

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Bonus notification system

The system will notify players about the new inform by the platform owner

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3 Currency System

Increasing Diversity and Liquidity
The 3 currencies include cash wallets, bonus bags, and diamonds.

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Customer guidance system for the first login

The system will guide customers on how to play and provide important information about the platform when logging in to the platform for the first time

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Recently Played Games function 

Recently played games will be shown on players’ account
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Favourite Game Collection System

Players can easily select their favorite games to play later by clicking the star picture on that game 
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Special game categories

A system enables platform owners to select and categorize games that appeal to players 

Popular game ranking system

Ranking the top 10 interesting games daily and show them on the web page  
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Our platform contains many world-renowned providers

that make the platform look more trustworthy. This can help you with gaining customers’ trust and increasing the chance for them to choose your platform

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