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Gambling Platforms Provider 

XGambet is a comprehensive gambling website service provider. We develop Baccarat websites, Slot websites, and all kinds of online gambling websites.Our services include designing website, brand name, logo, advertising video, and deposit-withdrawal system.We have more than 50 collections of famous games from various gaming companies. We provide 24/7 customer service

The SETUP FEE is 35,000

This price covers these following services: designing website, brand name, logo, and advertising video
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Auto System

Subscription system

It requires only a phone number for customer to create a user. Our system supports for all devices.

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Auto deposit-withdrawal system

Customers are able to deposit and withdraw money easily through the automatic system, which takes within 30 seconds to get complete a transaction. The transaction can be made through 5 banks. We provide 3 activation statuses and 3 types of deposits.

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Back-Office management for CM

The platform owners are allowed to manage the promotion system, the withdrawal notification system with the user manual provided which make it easy for them to manage the platform by themselves.

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Auto bot system

It helps with managing the deposit-withdrawal transactions, automatic account migration, and the subscription system.

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Betting history system

Platform owners can check the history and details of every customers’ bet Including deposits - withdrawals, promotions, etc. recorded in the system by yourself

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A referral programme Affiliate

Affiliate is A referral programme type that allow players to generate passive income by inviting their friends to play the games. It is also a way to promote the website. 

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Report system

The system enables to check historical reports through Dashboard, which is an easy-to-use tool.

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Turning on-off system

The website owner can either enable and disable the game as needed by choosing the on / off status as you wish


XGAMBET’s Strengths

Highlight Service

The automated transaction system from XGambet that has been developed to be the most stable and advanced at this moment

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Auto deposit-withdrawal system
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Leading Provider, Popular in the World
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Special Function
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XGambet Whitelabel Platform
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